If you would like to know more about DK Lendal Siberians or the possibility of adopting a pet kitten, please read the following notes before email us with further questions.

Want to join the waiting list? If you wish to join the waiting list for a kitten please read the ”How to Adopt?” page before contacting us and provide the requested information in your email. Having all this information in one email helps us when we are trying to contact you when kittens become available. Please also note that our plans new litters will depend on whether or not we can find a suitable male cat for matting.

Allergy Testing? Please see our ”allergies” page and please note that we require a test visit in the cattery before payment of deposit if there are known cat allergy in the family.

Want a kitten for breeding? We are a young cattery and are new in developing our breeding line. We will however have the focus on the golden colour and an allergy friendly kitten.

Email Maiken on (in English or Danish): maiken@lendal-sib.dk

Thank you for your interest in DK Lendal Siberians!