Gemma is home again

Saturday the 16th of October my husband and I once more began our journey to Ibbenbüren, Germany. We stayed at a hotel in Melle very close to Ibbenbüren and Sunday late in the morning we drove to Gaby’s. We were very glad finally to be able to pick up Gemma, as we have missed her immensely.
Gaby had taken very good care of Gemma and she seemed to be enjoying the company of Baikal even though she no longer was in heat. The mating between them had proceeded fine and now we hope that Gemma will get the most beautiful golden kittens around the middle of December 2011.


Gaby is a very experienced breeder and she had a lot of good advice and a bundle of knowledge concerning breeding and the golden color in siberians. I have learned so much in the two visits to Gaby and for this I am grateful. Gaby had a very beautiful young boy (approximately 7 months), Mischa that was simply gorgeous - so affectionally and social. I think my husband was a little afraid that the transporting cage was too big - as Mischa was looking for a home….


Around 12 o’clock we said goodbye to Gaby and started the long trip towards little Denmark.

It was good to be home with Gemma. We cannot help looking at her and think … is she pregnant? How many kittens are there going to be? The house will be full of life around christmas

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