Enquiries at different catteries

I searched the internet for SIB breeders in scandinavia. I first had contact with Eva Gunnarson - Nikopeja’s Siberian Cats, but she did not have any kittens at the moment. She was however very helpful and offered to test one of the kittens in the next litter by the method Tom Lundberg had developed. I was however getting very impatient and would very much like to have a SIB kitten as soon as possible. I had already used 4 months on looking. Furthermore I had decided that I would try to find a SIB kitten with the color patterns of n(y)22, n(y)23, n(y)24 and Eva mostly had kittens with solid colors. I then had contact with Kristin Bolme - (N)Siberikos, that had cats with the color patterns I was looking for. She did however not plan a litter until the start or mid of 2011.
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