Very sad news

Today the 14th of december we sadly lost one of Gemma’s kittens. It was a female golden kitten with a tabby pattern and the one I had expected to keep for myself, which made it an even more sad story. Yesterday when we took pictures of the kittens and weighted them, they all looked healthy and where very lively. This morning however I noticed that one kitten did not feed and did not make an effort to feed even when the other kittens where removed. I rushed her to the veterinarian when her state deteriorated and where she was given a saline solution and breast milk substitution. She was examined but no apparent illness was found. Not long after we got home from the vet she died.

All the other kittens are feeding well and all the time. Their bellies are round and they show signs of growing well. Gemma and the other kittens were also examined by the veterinarian. Gemma produce plenty of milk and the other kittens are growing well and are bursting with health. I may never know what went wrong with the one kitten, but I am sorry for the loss of her - a very beautiful kitten I would have loved to see grow.
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