Planning of a new litter in the spring of 2013

In the spring of 2013 Gemma will once more be mated with wold champignon Baikal Onix Gloria. I had always planned that I would try to get one more litter by Gemma and Baikal, as it was simply a gorgeous litter A. I had however not imagine it should be so soon as the litter B, but I did not dare to wait longer as Baikal will soon be retired.

Gemma - BIV and nomBIS

On the 30th of April I travel with Gemma and Althea to Fredericia to attended the JYRAK (FIFe) show. It was Althea’s first show and she competed in class 12, while this was Gemma’s second show and she competed in class 9. It was Annette Kempf, DK who was judging them both.

Althea did so fine even thought she was a bit scared by all the noise around her. She received her Ex1 and got a very promising evaluation.
Gemma also did fine, all though she was still a bit shy and did not show off so much self-confidence. She received her second CAC - and beside that got a BIV (Best In Variety). She has grown into a very fine lady and I am so pleased with her.
The judge also nominated her to BIS (Best In Show). I was so proud….
Gemma did not get the BIS but it was a very good practice and perhaps the next time. At the moment I am just so proud that she got that far in the show.
IMG_3523 - Version 2
Thank you Lise (DK nelius) for the pictures….

Almost four weeks old - and just gorgeous!!

The kittens are now almost 4 weeks old and they are growing sweeter by the moment. They are beginning to explore the world and training to be a good cat. See the new pictures of the kittens at the ”Available kittens” page.