Show at Viby Sj. - Denmark

Gemma was on her first show the 25th of September 2011. It was a great day and Gemma did well.

We started with a judgement of Gemma’s color as there was some doubt whether or not there was white in her fur. She was judged by Raymond A. Sætre (Norway). I put her on the table and gave him the note with her EMS code and he replied ‘I absolutely agree with you that she is golden’ before I could say anything. I was so surprised that I forgot all about her potential white spot. He then carried on telling me and a fellow judge why she was golden and how to see it. He thought Gemma was a very excellent cat and had the typical siberian standard. He had just been judge on the Siberian Special Show in Sundsvall, Norge and had also seen a Siberian there with very similar coloring and pattern. I finely remember the white in her and asked him if this was a white spot. To this he answered ‘definitely not’ as this only was a part of the agouti band, which starts at her cheeks and expand to her chest and there is no well-defined spot area and the white has a dark base. So to sum it all up Gemma is now ny24 and her pedigree will be updated as soon as possible.

Gemma was judged by Martti Peltronen from Sweden. He had very fine words to give her. Almost everything was excellent - and he had no problem with given her the CAC, but she did not get a NOM as he thought she still looked too much like a very young cat/kitten – he thought that in a year she would be better.
She was a bit timed and shy (tugged her tail towards her) but at no time shown any aggression – hopefully she will learn to accept the show more. This first time had been a bit stressing and there had been a lot of new sounds and noises to take in. She is not used to other cats and that shows a bit as she was not her confident self as she is at home.
At the moment we do not have any plans for another show as Gemma is about to be mated to Baikal Onix Gloria at the end of october 2011.

We do expect the kittens to be mostly golden….. so if you are interested in a golden kitten - see under ’How to Adopt
Pictures from the show
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